Ilya Lomakin

affiliated with the university,

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Gender Studies
  • Sociology (excluding Social Work, Social Psychology and Social Anthropology)
  • Cultural Studies


  • Post-Soviet Russia, Gender Studies, Family Studies, Sociology of Reproduction, Urban Ethnography, Online Research Methods, Neo-Traditionalism


Although I got my B.A. in Political Science, my academic interests and activities are mostly concentrated in the field of sociology and social anthropology, including sociology of family and reproduction, LGBT+ studies, small communities' ethnography, research in popular culture and consumption, nostalgia studies. Mostly I focus on post-soviet Russia and use qualitative research methods.

I was awarded a scholarship by the Sverker Åström Foundation to finish my paper on masculinist ideologies within Russian-speaking Internet (RuNet) and I believe that the Department of Sociology here at LU is a nice place for that. In the work I focus on masculinist online communities and try to identify the range of ideological foundations of masculinism in Russia. I propose a multi-method qualitative research design, to do that I use not only content collected online but also do textual analysis of books and brochures issued by the masculinist communities sampled and engage some related secondary data (opinion polls, mass media publications, etc.).