Ingemar Ottosson

affiliated with the university, Associate Professor


I am exploring source material related to the topic ”Sweden and Japan in the years around World War II”. Until now there has been no in-depth research on Swedish interests or Swedes in and near the Japanese Empire from 1931 to 1945. On the other hand, Swedish neutrality in the Far East has already been discussed by me and Pascal Lottaz in ”Sweden, Japan and the ’Long Second World War’ ” (London: Routledge 2021).

Within the framework of another project I have investigated Western-language newspapers from Yokohama and Shanghai in the 1800s. They are documents from the era of the treaty ports and a forgotten world. They are studied in the context of free-trade liberalism, colonial segregation and mission civilisatrice. The project is titled ”Freedom, progress and apartheid. Western press in 19th-century East Asia”.