Jesica López

Doctoral Student, Junior research assistant, Specialist, Consultant, Forest and Nature manager, Environmental Biologist

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Environmental Sciences


  • Sustainable Land use, Landscape ecology, Forest management, Deforestation, Northwest Amazon, SDGs, Scenario development, Systems Thinking, Systems analysis, Biodiversity & Conservation, Spatial Analysis


We are now at a fundamental “tipping point” to support a wider array of social, environmental, and economic benefits from managing land-based natural capital. Therefore, the overarching aim of this study is to improve our systems' approach understanding of the mechanisms behind the land transformation. More specifically, the cumulative effects of extensive cattle ranching into protected areas, in order to implement effective land use planning in the north-western deforestation arch in the Amazon region of Colombia. I am combining my analysis with remote sensing and GIS tools. The contribution of the study seeks to increase our knowledge to ensure pathways to reduce the alarming deforestation and loss of biodiversity in this part of the Amazon region.

I am also a PhD at the Agenda 2030 graduate school at Lund University and my research interests within the SGDs are focused on the nexus between the competition of land for agricultural food production (i.e., livestock) and the pressure to protect forests.