Jesús Ortega

Project Assistant


I did my PhD in the Natural History Museum of Madrid (MNCN, CSIC) on the mechanisms underlying phenotypic variation in the Iberian wall lizard species complex (Podarcis hispanicus). My work there in Jose Martín´s research group showed me the nuts and bolts of behavioral and chemical ecology, with a good balance of field and lab work. I also collaborated with Pierre-André Crochet from the Centre d´Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (CEFE, CNRS) in a conservation genetics project with mountain lizards in the Pyrenees (Iberolacerta aranicaI. aurelioi and I. bonnali). During my last postdoc, I investigated the fitness consequences of the interindividual variability in sexual chemical signals in the Carpetan lizard (I. cyreni) but also the mechanisms that maintain species integrity after secondary contact in P. hispanicus.

The main goal of my current postdoctoral project is to investigate the genomic basis of host plant driven speciation, and how ecological selection molds the genome and phenotype during niche divergence. In this context, I focus on host plant races of Tephiritis conura flies, investigating the build up of epistatic interactions and the relative roles of regulatory and coding divergence at different stages along the speciation continuum. This research program takes advantage of the existence oephritis cf host races and populations facultatively using different host plants in T. conura to address these questions, and combines methods from evolutionary and chemical ecology and genomics.

Recent research outputs

Jesús Ortega, José Martín, Pierre André Crochet, Pilar López & Jean Clobert, 2019 Mar 15, In : PLoS ONE. 14, 3, e0211686.

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