Joakim Winborg

Senior Lecturer, Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Associate professor, Ph D

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Business Administration


  • Resource acquisition, Entrepreneurship, Financial bootstrapping


My research interest is related to resource acquisition, mobilization and development for entrepreneurship. Over the years I have seeked to develop our understanding of the potential of so-called bootstrapping methods for handling need for resources. Given the resource challenges the entrepreneur can be assumed to face it is important that we develop the knowledge of potential alternative ways of handling need for resources to realize entrepreneurial initiatives. My research interest is also related to the role of resources in established businesses for renewing and innovating the business model.



1. Teaching/Course responsibility:

Provided from administration



2. Supervision of theses (including theses completed by Feb-19):

Provided from administration



3. Examiner of theses (including theses completed by Feb-19):

Provided from administration



4. Briefly describe development work in education – renewal of curriculum and/or pedagogical development:


- Development of new course “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (IBUG91)

- Continous development of courses in the Master´s Programme Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


5. Involvement of guest teachers:

Pågen AB

Ideon Open

Tyréns AB


6. Programme responsibility (name of programme)

Master´s Programme Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation)


7. Additional work in education (e.g. planning, implementation, and pedagogical leadership)


Course director for several courses for which of course follows leadership related to planning and implementation.


8. Briefly describe your work with IT-supported teaching and learning


Material and information for the students.



9. Production of cases, publications on teaching and learning, teaching materials and textbooks




I collaborate with businesses in the region for ex in relation to innovation projects in the Internship programme within Master´s Programme Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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