Johan Martinsson

Project Manager

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Natural Sciences


  • carbon cycle, Aerosol Science, Radiation, Radionuclides, restoration, environmental science


Current work and research

I am currently working as deputy project manager in the project "Restoration of radioactive contaminated areas - Optimized methods for decontamination in Sweden". The project is financed by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and runs from 2017 to 2021. Project participants are Medical Radiation Physics at Lund University (PI), Medical Radiation Physics at Gothenburg University, Institute of National Economics and Statistics at Gothenburg University and Department of Humanities at Örebro University.

Current research is focused on transferring decontamination experiences from Chernobyl and Fukushima into a Swedish context. 

Involved in the management of the Lund University radiation emergency preparedness laboratory, fininanced by the Swedish Radiation Protection Agency.  


PhD in Environmental Science from 2017 with the thesis: Development and Evaluation of Methods in Source Apportionment of the Carbonaceous Aerosol. During my PhD studies I mainly worked with optimization of high time resolution optical techniques for source apportionment of ambient carbonaceous aerosol. I also explored the applicability of radiocarbon, stable carbon isotopes and chemical tracers for source apportionment purposes. 

Prior to my PhD position I worked as water conservation officer at the county administrative board of Kronoberg. I worked with data analysis on historic concentrations of mercury in lake biota such as perch (Perca fluviatilis) and pike (Esox lucius). I also performed spatial inventories of the regional population of the noble crayfish (Astacus astacus), freshwater springs and heavy metal abudance in near-freshwater soils.

Further, I have a BSc in environmental science focusing on water conservation and freshwater ecosystems. My bachelor project was about how size dependent fecundity in the signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) could be used to develop more a sustainable fishery. MSc in biology with the same focus as in my BSc. My master project was focusing on how partial migratory strategies in roach (Rutilus rutilus) affected fecundity in residential and migratory fish. 


Since 2012 I've been involved in teaching in the following courses:

  • Hydrology and aquatic ecology (VVR111)
  • Thermodynamics and atomic physics (FAFA35)
  • Energy and environmental physics (FAFA20/FAFA15)
  • Environmental physics (FYSA15)
  • Environmental monitoring (MVEN06)
  • Radioecology and radiation protection (MSFM11)

Recent research outputs

Ahlberg, E., Akselsson, R., Akselsson, C., Andresen, L. C., Ardö, J., Björk, R. G., Björnsson, L., Boyd, E., Brady, M. V., Brogaard, S., Brönmark, C., Carlsson, P., Carton, W., Chen, D., Coria, J., Döscher, R., Filipsson, H. L., Frank, G., Friberg, J., Gaillard, M-J. & 45 othersGamfeldt, L., Gärdenäs, A., Hallquist, M., Dan Hammarlund, Lars-Anders Hansson, Heuzé, C., Jutta Holst, Christina Isaxon, Johan Jansson, Margareta Johansson, Thomas B Johansson, Kasimir, Å., Kjellström, T., Till Koglin, Torsten Krause, Adam Kristensson, Emma Kritzberg, Jessica Wadin, Aliaksei Laureshyn, Karin Lundgren Kownacki, Jakob Löndahl, Johan Martinsson, Paul Miller, Kimberly Nicholas, Tobias Nielsen, Alexandra Nikoleris, Lennart Olsson, Joakim Pagels, Frans-Jan Parmentier, Andreas Persson, Pleijel, H., Honor C Prentice, Karin Rengefors, Pontus Roldin, Slunge, D., Henrik G. Smith, Moa Sporre, Birgitta Svenningsson, Erik Svensson, Erik Swietlicki, Uddling, J., Wallin, G., Ahlkrona, J., Anderson, K. & Andersson, A., 2019 Mar 15, Dagens nyheter (DN debatt).

Research output: Contribution to specialist publication or newspaperNewspaper article

Samuelsson, C., Robert Finck, Johan Martinsson & Christopher Rääf, 2019 Feb 21, Lund: Medical Radiation Physics, Lund University. 10 p.

Research output: Book/ReportReport

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