Johan Nilsson

Researcher, Research Engineer


Research interests

My research interest is to integrate animal physiology with evolutionary ecology. I am especially interested in the causes and consequences of variation in energy turnover rates and how this can shape individual life history. I study this in natural populations of blue tits, marsh tits, great tits, jackdaws, as well as in lab bred zebra finches. I look at both short and long term effects, as well as the physiological mechanisms connecting e.g. variation in energy turnover rate to fitness or individual strategies. Aside from this, I also have a general interest in evolutionary life history ecology.

Recent research outputs

Jan Åke Nilsson & Johan Nilsson, 2021, In: Journal of Avian Biology. 52, 1, e02779.

Research output: Contribution to journalDebate/Note/Editorial

et al. et al., Antica Culina, Carlos Camacho, Caroline Isaksson, Jan-Åke Nilsson, Johan Nilsson, Hannah Watson & Marcel E. Visser, 2020 Nov 17, In: Journal of Animal Ecology.

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