Johanna Bergqvist Rydén


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  • Educational Sciences
  • Archaeology


I have conducted and conduct research within two separate fields; development of higher education and historical archaeology.

I hold a PhD in Historical archaeology, but also hold a position as lecturer in Development of higher education at Lund university.

Within Development of higher education, I, together with colleagues K. Mårtensson and T. Roxå, conduct a longitudinal project to investigate the outcomes and effects of the implementation of written assessment criteria at an entire university faculty. We investigate how students and teachers experience working with assessment criteria and what role this plays at the academy. We address this by analysing the results of specifically aimed questionnaires as well as semi structured interviews made with students, their teachers and directors of studies during the first period of implementation. These data will later on be compared with corresponding data collected after the implementation is realized to enable longitudinal analyses, and to try to understand a little more of the intriguingly complex and far from linear relation between intention and outcome.

Moreover, we are interested in how policy implementation works within academia. How do departments and their faculty and leadership address new policys and how do they stage the implementation of it within their own sociocultural and subjetc contexts?

In my doctoral dissertation within Historical archaeology, I study a wide range of archaeological source materials, including artefacts and sites, as well as written sources and iconographic material, and I work with a broad cultural historical perspective. Central questions in my work concern body images and ideas of diseases as well as gender formed differences within these fields, i.e. in religious settings; The influences of, or possible limitations of influence of, the scholastic medicine on Scandinavian leechcraft; Which different kinds of wielders were active and the process of professionalization, discussed not least from a perspective of ways of transferring of knowledge.

Within my project “'When bereaved of everything.' Personal items from the concentration camp of Ravensbrück as resistance, memory and identity." I investigate material culture as expressions of resistance, memory and identity. I do this by analysing objects, clothes and narratives from interviews, collected from previous concentration camp prisoners from Ravensbrück, at their arrival in Malmö with the white busses, at the end of WW2.

Recent research outputs

Johanna Bergqvist Rydén (ed.) & Maria Larsson (ed.), 2018 Sep 21, Lund: Avdelningen för högskolepedagogisk utveckling, Lunds universitet. 135 p.

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