Johanna Stedt

Doctoral Student


I’m a marine biologist and PhD-student with a special interest in marine mammals and their behaviour. My PhD-studies focuses on the foraging ecology of the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena). The research is based at Lund University and carried out in collaboration with the Marine Biological Research Centre at the University of Southern Denmark and the Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.

Harbour porpoise foraging ecology

My PhD-research is focused on the foraging ecology of harbour porpoises - looking both at temporal and spatial predator-prey interactions between porpoises and fish, as well as more direct intra- and interspecific behavioural interactions during foraging events. I typically use and combine passive and active acoustic data with visual observations collected by use of drones.

Research interests

My personal and professional research interests concern large-scale ecological interactions and behaviour, with focus on predator-prey interactions, social foraging, group living, social learning and intra-species information transfer.