John Falk

Doctoral Student, M.Sc.Eng.

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Environmental Sciences


  • Aerosol Science, CCN, Ice nucleation, environmental science


Aerosol physics

My research is primarily focused on experimental studies of cloud condensation (CCN) and ice nucleation (IN) properties of soot particles emitted from combustion of biomass and biomass derived fuels. One research aim is to link these properties with the particles' physico-chemical properties.

Project: CCN emitted from cook stoves

This project evaluated CCN emission factors of soot particles emitted from different combinations of cookstoves and fuels relevant to sub-saharan Africa.

Project: IN characterisation of generated soot

This project aims to investigate the link between the physico-chemical properties of soot generated with a miniCAST soot generator and their ice nucleation activity.

Main supervisor: Birgitta Svenningsson

Co-supervisors: Joakim Pagels, Thomas B. Kristensen

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