Jonas Sandberg



I am a registered nurse, with a PhD in geriatrics. I am also associate professor in health care sciences. My area has since the dissertation (in 2001), which focused on how the relationship changes after the placement of a spouse in a nursing home, researched the situation for family carers from a gender, identity and power perspective as well as violence prevention in informal care. In particular, older men who care for a partner have been studied based on constructions of masculinities and identity. Other studies have focused on how power relationships in families change in the context of severe long-term illness. A new research area is about how risk of violence in caring relations due to dementia can be prevented. Other research interests concern the implementation of palliative care in emergency care settings and internet-based CBT treatment for insomnia due to heart disease.


In addition to the above-mentioned research areas, I have worked as a program and research director for the dementia at Sophiahemmet University. I have also been assigned as vice-dean with special responsibility for education quality at Jönköping University.