Julia Weber

PhD Student, Doctoral Student, Master's degree, Bachelor's degree


Preserving mobile insects in semi-natural grasslands - minding the Matrix

My main research interest lies within the field of landscape ecology and conservation. In my PhD project, I aim to investigate if the population persistence and density of flower-visiting insects (bees and butterflies) in semi-natural grasslands benefit from the provisioning of complementary flower resources close to the pastures in contrasting landscapes with either high or low availability of field boundaries. I intend to reach the aims by conducting both observational and experimental field studies around southern Sweden, as well as synthesising results from a broader spatial scale through meta-analysis. My PhD project started in May 2020 and is running for four years. 


Great flights by Great Snipes

In addition to my main research, I make use of my broad background in both envorinmental science, conservation biology and bird migration research. I have since my MSc been involved in the Great Snipe migration group consisting of researchers based in Lund, Uppsala, Poland and the Netherlands. Within this research group, we aim to present and investigate the astonishing great migratory flights performed by the Great Snipes during autumn and spring.

Recent research outputs

Åke Lindström, Thomas Alerstam, Arne Andersson, Johan Bäckman, Peter Bahlenberg, Roeland Bom, Robert Ekblom, Raymond H.G. Klaassen, Michał Korniluk, Sissel Sjöberg & Julia K.M. Weber, 2021 Aug 9, In: Current Biology. 31, 15, p. 3433–3439

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Julia K. M. Weber, 2020 Nov 4. 1 p.

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