Karin Rengefors



My research interests cover a variety of topics within phytoplankton ecology and evolution. Currently my research focus is on understanding the processes underlying phytoplankton biogeography and algal blooms. My approach is to study these processes at the population level by investigating genetic diversity, population genetic and genomic structure, dispersal, and local adaptation.

Together with my research group and collaborators we are currently focusing on the following main topics; understanding population genetic structure, dispersal, and differentiation in a dinoflagellate species complex that has recently diverged into multiple species/ecotypes, a freshwater invasive nuisance species Gonyostomum semen, and in the green alga Chlamydomonas present in lakes. We are also exploring the where, when, and why of toxic cyanobacterial blooms. Particularly in the cyanobacterium Microcystis botrys, as well as the effect of extreme weather on cyanobacterial blooms. Moreover, in a collaborative project using marine diatoms we are addressing phytoplankton resilience to environmental change. Our approach is to use a combination of population genomics, trait diversity, and experimental studies to address the specific research questions for each project.

Recent research outputs

Karin Rengefors, Raphael Gollnisch, Ingrid Sassenhagen, Karolina Härnström Aloisi, Marie Svensson, Karen Lebret, Dora Čertnerová, William A. Cresko, Susan Bassham & Dag Ahrén, 2021 Jan 1, In: Molecular Ecology.

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