Ken Kalling

affiliated with the university, Assistant, Master of Arts

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Humanities


History of medicine and science in Estonia, especially under totalitarianism. The main fields of research have been the history of Estonian eugenics- and abstinence movements, and the history of race studies. 


From the year 2005 I have been reading a 3 EAP (European Academic Point) course (ARTH.02.056) "History of Medicine" for the 1st year medical students at the Dept. of Family Medicine and Public Health, Medical Faculty, University of Tartu (ESTONIA)

From the same year I have been participating in reading a similar course to the first year dental students at the same university (ARTH.02.076 - 2 EAP). In 2019 my participation was approximately 50%.

Besides these two I have given shorter courses and lectures at the University of Tartu, as the Tallinn Technical University.