Kjerstin Stigmar

Associate Senior Lecturer, PhD

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  • Physiotherapy


My research is focusing work and health, with primarily attention on individuals with mental or musculoskeletal disords. The setting is mainly in primary health care. I am interested in how we can maintain work ability or suppport individuals in return to work.



PI: Ass prof Birgitta Grahn

Vice PI: Professor Ingemar Petersson

Funding: 5 499 000 SEK (REHSAM)

Research group: PhD Kjerstin Stigmar, professor Gunvor Gard, PhD Sara Holmberg, PhD-student Malin Forsbrand, PhD-student Charlotte Post Sennehed

WorkUp is a cluster-randomized trial in primary health care (Skåne, Blekinge, Kronoberg). The interventions are directed to patients with back- and/or neck pain, who are applying for physioterapy. The patients must be in working age and not have sick leave more than 60 days. The main aim of the trial is to study how a dialogue with the employer, ass add-on to treatment as usual, can have an impact on work ability (primary outcome), health related quality of life and funciton. Qualitative interview studies has also been undertaken with physiotherapists, patients and employers.

The inclusion is closed and results on the primary outcome and cost-effectiveness at 12-month are published. We are continuing with follow-ups on secondary outcomes, qualitative data and furhter more register data. One PhD-student had her disseration i March 2018, and the other PhD-student are planned to have her dissertation in November 2019. Ttwo master-students are connected to the research program. I am co-supervisor to PhD-student Malin Forsbrand (dissertation Nov 2019).



PI: PhD Maria Schelin

Vice PI: professor Ingemar Petersson

Funding: 1 905 000 SEK (FORTE)

Research group: PhD Kjerstin Stigmar, PhD Anna Jöud, PhD-student Elisabeth Bondesson

Regassa-reg is a research project with the main aim to study long-term effects of the research project Regassa, which was conducted in several regions in Sweden. In Regassa, patients with mental illness, such as depression and anxiety were randomized to treatment as ususal, internet CBT or physical activity. We will use register data in our follow-ups.



PI: ass professor Helen Pessah Rasmussen

Vice PI: professor Bo Norrving

Resarch group: PhD Anna-Maria Palsdottir, PhD Kjerstin Stigmar, professor Patrik Grahn, professor Ingemar Petersson

NASTRU is a randomized trial, directed to patients with stroke, suffering from post-stroke fatigue. Patients were directed to natur-based rehabilitation as add on to treatment as usual or treatment as usual only. The study has included 103 patients and analysis is on-going.


Patient Education program in Osteo Arthritis

PI: ass professor Eva Ekvall Hansson

Research group: PhD Kjerstin Stigmar, PhD Anne Sunden, PhD-student Karin Åkesson

The research project focuses on patient education program for patients with OA and the setting is primary health care. Special attention is on patient enablement.


National rehabilitation programs for patients with musculoskeletal pain

Research group: Ass processor Birgitta Grahn, PhD Kjerstin Stigmar, PhD Sara Holmberg, PhD-student Charlotte Post Sennehed, data manager Pernilla Nilsson

The studies in this research program focuses o the outcomes of multimodal rehabiliation (MMR) in primary health care, directed to patients with musculoskeletal pain. The rehabilitations main aim is to support patients in return to work or to maintain work ability. We also keep attention on how health care provider factors can have an impact on refferalls to MMR



PI: Ass prof Frida Ekk

Vice PI: Ass prof Eva Ekvall Hansson

Reserarch group: PhD Kjerstin STigmar, PhD Anita Santana, Professor Gunvor Gard.

GRANTS: Vetenskaprsrådet 3 000 000 SEK

Active@work is a randomized controlled trial i primary care, starting in 2017. We are focusing a workign age population with knee and hip osteoarthritis. The aim of the project is to optimize physical activity by using technical devices to monitor and give advices.


 Prevention of psychosocial health problems at work: an implementation study on organizational and management level (ISkol-projektet)

Funding:  3 485 000 SEK from AFA (2016).

Location: The Unit of Intervention and Implementation Research for Worker Health, Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institute.

PI: Associate professor Lydia Kwak.

Post-doc: PhD Caroline Lornudd.

The aim of this project is to study how a guideline on Mental health at work (Jensen et al, 2015) that was developed by the National Occupational Guideline Group (Kwak et al 2017), can be implemented at different schools in Sweden. The study has a randomized controlled design and follow-ups will be on employee-, management- and organizational level.   In April 2017 we started the inclusion of intervention and control groups. Today (Nov 2017) the first interventions has been conducted and we have collected baseline data, from web-based questionnaires.


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