Kristina Stenström

ProfessorKnown as name: Kristina Eriksson Stenström

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  • Natural Sciences


  • Radiocarbon, Tritium, Environmental radiology, Internal dosimetry


My research interest concerns interdisciplinary applications of natural and anthropogenic radionuclides. Ongoing projects are primarily associated to environmental radiology, internal dosimetry and medical sciences.

In environmental radiology releases of radionuclides from e.g. nuclear power plants, research laboratories and accelerator facilities are studied. Currently, the European Spallation Source (ESS), which is under construction in Lund, is one of our main interests. Apart from mapping the radiation levels around ESS prior to start of neutron production, we are strengthening our competence to enable future measurements and analysis of ESS-specific radionuclides, which will be formed in and potentially released from ESS. This includes environmental samples (e.g. crops, water and aerosol samples) as well as assessment of radioactivity in the human body. The environmental radiology projects are performed in cooperation with Medical Radiation Physics, Malmö. We are also involved in a cooperation with Centre for Advanced Research in Environmental Radioactivity (CARER) at Mangalore University in India, mainly concerning 3H and 14C in the vicinity of nuclear power plants.

In some projects related to medical sciences, a common denominator is the use of the radioactive carbon isotope 14C as a tracer. Apart from being naturally produced in the atmosphere, 14C was also produced in atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in the 1950ies and 1960ies.  In my research I use so called 14C bomb pulse dating with accelerator mass spectrometry (14C-AMS) to better understand the development of various diseases.

Recent research outputs

Christian Bernhardsson, Kristina Stenström, Mattias Jönsson, Sören Mattsson, Guillaume Pedehontaa-Hiaa, Christopher Rääf, Sundin, K. & Lovisa Waldner, 2019 Feb 4, Lund University. 97 p. (MA RADFYS 2018:01)(BAR-2018/04)

Research output: Book/ReportBook

Glasius, M., Hansen, A. M. K., Claeys, M., Henzing, J. S., Jedynska, A. D., Kasper-Giebl, A., Kistler, M., Kristensen, K., J. Martinsson, Maenhaut, W., Nøjgaard, J. K., Spindler, G., K. E. Stenström, E. Swietlicki, Szidat, S., Simpson, D. & Yttri, K. E., 2018 Jan 1, In : Atmospheric Environment. 173, p. 127-141 15 p.

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