Louise Bennet

affiliated with the university, Adjungerad lektor, PI, MD PhD Associate Professor Family Medicine, , , , , Associate Professor, PhD, Lecturer

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  • Endocrinology and Diabetes


My research is focused on studying causes of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the immigrant middle-eastern population, representing the largest non-European immigrant group in Sweden today and a high risk population for diabetes. In the MEDIM study (the impact of Migration and Ethnicity for Diabetes In Malmö), for which I am the project investigator (PI), we aim to identify which metabolic, lifestyle and hereditary factors that contribute to an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in this immigrant population. The MEDIM study has so far consisted of three sub-studies: (1) a population-based study conducted 2010-2012, which includes over 2000 Malmö people aged 30-75 born in Sweden or in Iraq; (2) a culturally adapted randomized lifestyle intervention study including immigrants from Iraq at high risk for diabetes and (3) a metabolic study where we in a smaller group of healthy men born in Iraq and Sweden study the fat and glucose metabolism and investigate early signs of cardiovascular changes in heart and blood vessels.

The MEDIM study has helped to highlight cardiometabolic risk factors of importance to diabetes development in the immigrant Middle East population and has also demonstrated ways to reduce this risk. The MEDIM study continue to further identify underlying mechanisms of disease development focusing on fat and glucose metabolism.


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