Magnus Haake

Researcher, Associate Professor
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  1. Virtuellt klassrum som forskningsplattform

    Jens Nirme, Magnus Haake, Betty Tärning & Agneta Gulz


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research

  2. Supporting Students’ Productive Choices When Learning Gets Difficult

    Magnus Haake, Agneta Gulz, Erik Anderberg, Roger Johansson, Irene Andersson & Annika Silvervarg


    Project: Research

  3. He does not care how many apples there are

    Magnus Haake, Agneta Gulz & Erik Anderberg


    Project: Research

  4. the Magical Garden

    Magnus Haake, Agneta Gulz, Richard Andersson, Kristen Pilner-Blair & Daniel Schwartz


    Project: Research

  5. K2D2: Knowledge & Competence – Digital Dialogue

    Magnus Haake, Agneta Gulz, BJÖRN SJÖDÉN, Betty Tärning, Arne Jönsson, Annika Silvervarg & George Veletsianos


    Project: Research

  6. Seeing and Talking Maths in Games

    Magnus Haake, Agneta Gulz, BJÖRN SJÖDÉN, Betty Tärning, Lena Pareto, Kristen Pilner-Blair & Daniel Schwartz


    Project: Research