Marcus Nyström

Research Engineer
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  1. ADAPT2: Adaptive Developer Tools

    Emma Söderberg, Martin Höst, Luke Church, Diederick C Niehorster, Marcus Nyström & Görel Hedin

    Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF


    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  2. Event Detection in Eye-Tracking Data - Methods and Clinical Applications

    Martin Stridh, Marcus Nyström, Björn Hammar & William Rosengren


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research, Internal collaboration (LU)

  3. EyeLearn: Using visualizations of eye movements to enhance metacognition, motivation and learning

    Alexander Strukelj, Marcus Nyström, Jana Holsanova & Kenneth Holmqvist


    Project: Research

  4. Evaluating scanpath comparison algorithms

    Richard Dewhurst, Marcus Nyström & Kenneth Holmqvist


    Project: Research

  5. Factors influencing precision and accuracy in eye-tracking measurements

    Marcus Nyström, Joost van de Weijer, Kenneth Holmqvist & Richard Andersson


    Project: Research

  6. Fit for duty

    Marcus Nyström & Kenneth Holmqvist


    Project: Research