Mathias Osvath

Senior Lecturer


I am an associate professor in Cognitive Zoology. My main research concerns the evolution of cognition, and in particular independently evolved similar cognition which leads to an understanding of cognitive principles. I compare great apes and corvids which are similar in their complex cognition despite sharing a last common ancestor about 320 million years ago. I also study cognition in the deep evolutionary history of the bird lineage, including the extinct dinosaurs, by comparing crocodilians with the least derived birds, the palaeognaths. I similarly study the evolution of the mammals by comparing monotremes, marsupials and placentals. The two lineages are compared in order to get a better picture of the natural history of cognition that lead to the high levels we see today in some species of both lineages.

Recent research outputs

Lambert, M., Ivo Jacobs, Mathias Osvath & von Bayern, A., 2019, In : Behaviour. 156, 5-8, p. 505-594 89 p.

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