Mats Ohlin

Professor, Professor, Associate Professor, PhD, BSc
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  1. SciLifeLab Human Antibody Therapeutics Facility

    Mats Ohlin & Carl Borrebaeck

    2016/01/01 → …

    Project: Commissioned research

  2. Human IgE repertoires and an anti-allergome resource

    Mats Ohlin, Lennart Greiff & Malin Lindstedt

    National Institutes of Health, United States, Konsul Th C Berghs Stiftelse, Alfred Österlunds stiftelse, Swedish Research Council, Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästare

    2003/01/01 → …

    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research

  3. Designed carbohydrate binding modules and molecular probes

    Mats Ohlin, Lavinia Cicortas Gunnarsson, Laura von Schantz, Olle Holst, E N Karlsson & Derek Logan

    Swedish Research Council

    2001/01/01 → …

    Project: Research