Max Åhman

Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor


I have worked as a researcher, civil servant and international consultant within the field of energy and climate since 1998. My PhD thesis in 2003 was a technology assessment of future alternative powertrains (Hybrid, Fuel cell and electric vehicles). After my thesis, my worked expanded towards analyzing the development of biofuels and also towards the complexity  of  industry, climate policy and innovation polices. I left Lund and the university in 2006 and continued my career as an international consultant and part time researcher (in Nairobi and in Tunis ) and as a civil servant at the Climate Policy unit at the Swedish EPA. I have since august 2012 returned to Lund university as a full time researcher. My main areas of research now is analyzing the evolving long-term changes induced by climate policy on the energy, industry and transport sectors.

Recent research outputs

Valentin Vogl & Max Åhman, 2019 Jun 25, ESTAD proceedings. Dusseldorf: ESTAD 4th, 9 p. P532

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingPaper in conference proceeding

Max Åhman, Olsson, O., Valentin Vogl, Nyqvist, B., Maltais, A., Lars J Nilsson, Hallding, K., Skåneberg, K. & Nilsson, M., 2018 Sep 10, 109 ed. Lund: Miljö- och energisystem, LTH, Lunds universitet. 28 p. (EESS report 109)

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