Mehmet Caglar Kaya

Doctoral Student, Credit & Risk Analyst, Corporate Banking, Audit, Master in Finance, Master of International Management, Master of Science in International Finance, BA in Business Administration, PhD Candidate in Economics

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  • Economics


I will briefly describe my research topics. I am focusing on three subjects: capital structure of the firms, bank-firm relationships and the connection between stock liquidity and credit risk. 

My first paper analyzes the effect of bank finance on the firms on bad times. The hypothesis is that the financially distressed firms having more bank debt in their capital structure go through the recession smoother than financially distressed firms having less bank debt and borrowing more from the bond market.

In my second paper, I aim to analyze the effect of being listed in index funds on the cost of capital of a firm and its capital structure. The index funds and their roles in the financial markets are a discussion issue in Sweden nowadays. I will examine the firms’ capital structure before being listed in or after de-listed from the index funds empirically. 

The third research topic that I am focusing on is the effect of stock liquidity on CDS spreads. The hypothesis is that there is a link between stock market and CDS market; this relationship helps us predict the movement of CDS spreads by analyzing stock liquidity in the developed stock market. 

I am also interested in entrepreneurship. I am planning to study the growth of small entreprises which show a high growth and the role of financing in their growths.


I have teaching experience as a teaching assistant at master level courses in financial economics. The courses that I teach on a regular basis are: "Foundations of Finance" and "Financial Valuation and Risk Management". I am the sole teacher in the exercise classes of these courses. Besides, I am assisting the main lecturer in the main clourse lessons. I am providing help to students for their questions regarding to my exercise classes and main lectures in the regular office hours throughout the semester. I am also teaching mathematics to master students in a 3-week intensive course at the beginning of each academic year. The aim of this course is to provide students with an adequate level of mathematical knowldege for the topics in main courses in finance and economics. Besides my teaching activities, I have some administrative works such as being an administrator in the exam office of the Departments of Economics where students from both master and undergraduate levels can review their exams and make appeals about their grades. Moreover, I sometimes participate in organizing some seminars or workshops (Young Scholars Nordic Finance Workshop, Nov. 26-27, 2015 Lund, Sweden).

Recent research outputs

Mehmet Caglar Kaya & Persson, L., 2019 Nov, In : North American Journal of Economics and Finance. 50, 101019.

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