Miao Zhang

affiliated with the university, Lund University


Low-temperature combustion (LTC) has been proposed to reduce the NOx and soot emission while maintaining high thermal efficiency. The main idea of LTC is to avoid the fuel rich region by increasing charge mixture timing and to reduce the combustion temperature by use of high EGR. However, although LTC can achieve high thermal efficiency with low NOX and soot emissions, in practice, there are still some challenges associated with combustion efficiency, limited operation, and controllability of combustion. 

Therefore, this research proposal will focus on studying the PPC process in the cylinder of an optically accessible heavy-duty diesel engine in order to gain a fundamental understanding of the limiting processes. In details, the effect of different injection strategies on the combustion efficiency and MPRR (Maximum pressure rise rate) were investigated. In addition, the optical diagnosis technique of chemiluminescence was used to study how different injection strategies affect the ignition location and combustion process.

Finally, this research achieves high efficiency and clean combustion in the engine.