Mikael Lundholm

affiliated with the university, LL.M., PhD student

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Law and Society


  • Sociology of Law


Research Areas

  • Economic Security
  • Indebtedness and Overindebtedness
  • Mortgage Credits and the Mortgage Foreclosure Process

Current Research

Through his research Mikael Lundholm strives to better understand the mortgage foreclosure process and how it relates to economic security by combining different academic perspectives - the legal and the socio-legal - with experience of working with different parts of this process at the Swedish Enforcement Authority.

The PhD project aims to empirically investigate how lenders, borrowers and other creditors act through the mortgage credit and foreclosure process to protect their interests based on the need for economic security and with regards to foreclosure law.

The research also intends to focus on how the Swedish Enforcement Authority acts and applies the legal framework to enforce foreclosure sale through public executive auctions. This new knowledge is relevant because the investigations regard both how the stakeholders and SEA act through the entire delinquency and foreclosure process and why they act accordingly to protect their interest of economic security within the legal framework.

Recent research outputs

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