Monica Cabarcas

affiliated with the university

Professional work

I am a political scientist, I have a masters degree in Human Rights and another in journalism. I have over 10 years of experience with communities victimized by the armed conflict in Colombia. Specifically, working with women, indigenous, former child soldiers and ex-combatants, supporting local NGOs, UNWOMEN, International Organization of Migrations, among others. Currently, I am in The Doctoral Programme in Gender Studies: Culture, Society and Politics.  


My PhD-project focuses on a pedagogical proposal to include intersectionality in armed conflict analysis.  I attempt to sketch the development of intersectionality concept in Colombia, specifically, in regions affected by the violence. I use intersectionality theory as a tool to analyze the gendered nature of the armed conflict, to understand the construction of identities and to explore the crossing points of discrimination; for example, historical exclusion based on race and gender, age and physical handicap.  In fact, how applied intersectionality can enhance understandings of gender, race, and class.