Nan Hu

affiliated with the university


My current research focuses on understanding the global warming effects across different trophic levels of marine species. More specifically, I propose to test whether species from different trophic positions response demonstrate different magnitude of phenotypic plasticity to abiotic versus biotic stress. My objectives are to measure the extent of shell shape, shell thickness, behavior and trait correlations among a set of traits. Together, these measurements will allow me to test whether stressors of different origin (abiotic vs. biotic) influence species associated to various trophic levels differently, and how this may cause ecological community imbalances via trophic effects. I use Nucella lapillus and Buccinum undatum, two carnivorous marine snails as high trophic level species. For low trophic level species, I will study the herbivorous marine snails Littorina obtusata and Littorina fabalis. Different pH levels will work as abiotic stress, and the predation risk from green crab work as biotic stress. I will also conduct a systematic review related to phenotypic plasticity of snails by using meta-analysis to extend the question to additional systems and taxa.

My previous study is mainly about predation behaviour of the rapa whelk (Rapana venosa).

Recent research outputs

Nan Hu, Zhenglin Yu, Yajuan Huang, Dapeng Liu, Fang Wang & Tao Zhang, 2021, In: Aquaculture Environment Interactions. 13, p. 177-188 12 p.

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