Oksana Yastremska-Kravchenko

Doctoral Student

Research areas and keywords


  • Traffic safety, Video analysis, Behavioural analysis, Surrogate Measures of Safety


My research focus is traffic safety. The research is grounded on the use of video recording data for vulnerable road users' (VRUs) behavioral analysis.

Safety on roads for VRUs is widely addressed in the traffic safety literature, very likely because active travel is currently being encouraged for reasons such as health, environmental issues, and congestions. A challenge in addressing non-fatal accidents involving VRUs is that there is an incomplete reporting of these road events in official statistics. One way of addressing the lack of data is to apply indirect measures for assessing traffic safety - Surrogate Measures of Safety (SMoS), which involve additional (complement) information from non-crash events in traffic that are causally related to accidents or injuries. Thus, the major of my research is safety diagnosis using SMoS.