Pär Moberg

Lecturer, Course Director, folk and world music programs, Replacer in the City Council of Skurup Municipality , Board member of the Electricity grid and Electricity distribution companies of Skurup Municipality, as representative for the Left party, 15 ECTS credits, Master, High School Teacher in Swedish and Philosophy

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  • Music
  • Business Administration


Working with folk and world music in a broad sense, ranging from the local folk tradition of Skåne to Arabic, Balkan, Indian classical etc. Saxophone and other woodwinds as main instrument. Teaches ensemble, main instrument, music theory, and carreer building courses, sometimes also arrangement and composition. Mentors last year musician students in their exam concert projects.

My course director responsibility also includes planning and administering much of the education for our students in folk and world music education. Guest teachers, concerts, ensemble activities, project weeks, etc.

Through Nordplus and Erasmus exchanges, I have traveled as a guest teacher at most music colleges in Europe who have folk and world music educations, such as Voss and Oslo in Norway, Odense in Denmark, Sibelius, Kokkola and Joensuu in Finland, Riga in Latvia, Mannheim in Germany, Limerick in Ireland, and Plovdiv in Bulgaria. I have also had main instrument pupils from Sibelius in Finland, and  Voss in Norway.

Artistic work

(1997-) Ensemble playing music with influences from klezmer, balkan and oriental music, but also inspired by rock and pop. Five members. I participate with saxophone playing and have also composed and arranged much of the music. Released four fonograms. The first album "OY!" Was released by the English company ARC 2001. The second album "Transit" was released by us in 2004, and was nominated as 2004's Best World Music Disc at the Manifest Gala. "Payback Time" was released in April 2009, and the "Push" disc was released in 2014.

Has played in numerous places around Sweden, as well as Germany, England, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland. Participated in the "Concert of the Week" in Swedish National Television from Nalen, Sthlm in October 2001, and in the National TV program Musikspegeln in March 2003, as well as Concert of the Week in Danish Radio P2 Spring 2004. Played in 2006 during the Olympic Games in Turin.  Performed with the Israeli oud player and peace activist Yair Dalal in 2007, which was recorded by Danish radio. In 2008, singer Jens Friis Hansen joined, which gave the band a partially new profile. Jens left the band again in 2014, which caused the group to reunite with clarinetist Annika Jessen.

The co-operation project "Bojan Allstars" for cultural schools was released in 2010. The material, which is composed and arranged by me, was published by Gehrmans, and has been used for a large number of concerts with young musicians and bought by very many music schools. Tummel has also made several music camps. In 2012, the band carried out a major Creative School project for the entire high school of Ämhults municipality together with Fededback Film. The creative school project "Flyttfåglar" (Birds of Migration) about the background of the band's members was ppremiered in September 2016, and has been supported by the Helge Ax:son Jonsson foundation. The project has been carried out in several locations in Skåne, and also been performed on the Holocaust rememberance day. The band has also cooperated with choirs of both children and adults. In 2017, the group made a collaboration with El Sistema in Kristianstad, where I arranged three songs so that even kids who could only play two notes could join.
Did a larger collaboration, the performance show "Herd Behavior", with the Finnish dance group Tsuumi 2015-18, with which we performed in Helsinki in April 2017.

Artistic work

Nordic Raga
(2014-) Group that brings together three Swedish folk musicians (Mats Edén, Dan Svensson and I) and an Indian musician (Jyotsna Srikanth) to jointly explore how to use the principles of South Indian Carnatic music to work with improvisation in Nordic folk music. The group had its debut in Malmö in January 2014, and has since then played at the Fringe festival in Edinburgh, the London International Arts Festival, Music over Præstø Fjord, the Backafestival, the Martigny festival in Schwitserland, in Karlskrona and Stallet in Sthlm, a concert also recorded by Swedish Radio
P2. Received several major support grants from the Swedish Arts council.   In August 2016, the band's first tour to India was conducted, where five concerts were held in Delhi, Bangalore and Coimbatore. In January 2017, a collaboration with Vindla String quratet was conducted, with two concerts in Sweden. Some of the arrangements of that music was made by me. The group's first disc was released in 2018, and got very positive reviews worldwide.

Artistic work

World Mix Orchestra / Mazguf Ensemble
(2005-) WMO started with seven members from Sweden, Chile, Iran, the Gambia, Mocambique, and Croatia, all residents in the Malmö area, who played music from the different traditions we represent. During the years, some members were exchanged, however. The group was formed on behalf of the Regional Music Board of Southern Sweden, for the World Mix Festival October 2005, and played in Malmö, Helsingborg, Ronneby, Växjö, and Stockholm, where we played at the Skansen Midsummer Celebration. Havs also toured in Poland. In 2007, we did a very successful collaboration with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, where I made the arrangemants, and in 2008, we made school concerts for a large part of Malmö's five-year-olds and collaborated with Nassim al Fakir from Bolibompa.

   2009-10, we had a school co-operation with the ventriloquist Pytte Ravn (also known from children's tv), which resulted in a large number of school and family concerts. In 2009, the group received a large scholarship of SEK 180,000 from the Arts Council, so the Iraqi composer Jafar Hasan Aboud (who lives in exile in Malmö) could write music for the group. The premiere took place in April 2010.   

   With Jafar we participated in May 2011 at the inauguration of "Assitej", a major international children's performing arts festival, where we played together with Jafar and Malmö Opera Orchestra. I wrote the music.
In May 2013, with substantial media coverage in the Arab world, we conducted a concert together with Jafar at the National Theater in Baghdad. For this purpose, the group was transformed into a more specialized orchestra for Arabic music, called the Mazguf Ensemble. This group, as an in house band, han continued to work in collaboration with the Arab-Swedish Cultural Center, The City of Malmö, The Arts council of Sweden, Swedish Arts Grants committee the Regional Music Board of Southern Sweden, to do a concert series for Arabic music, the Baghdad Sessions. It happens mainly at the venue Moriskan in Malmö, with guest artists like Ramy Essam, Nabil Kassis, Yair Dalal, Ali Sabah, Fatma Zidan, Yasmine El Baramawy and Yasmine Azaiez. I am an artistic leader and producer, as well as playing saxophone. 

Artistic work

Moberg Lie
(2012-) Duo composed of me and Jo Asgeir Lie, accordionist and leader of the Ole Bull Academy in Voss. We play Norwegian and Swedish folk music and own compositions. The group was formed at a conference in Finland 2012 when we met, and thanks to a contribution from the National Swedish Music Agency we were given the opportunity to meet a few times and put together a repertoire. The group first appeared to audience in Riga at a conference in May 2013, and in February 2014 made our first public appearance at Malmö Folk, Sweden. Played at an International Conference in Iceland in August 2014. Released our first record in August 2015, and then played some concerts in Skåne.

Artistic work

Trones Lampa and Möte i mixturen - folk music with organ
In 2003 I wrote a suite of arrangements of folk corals for saxophone, folk singer and organ. As a duo with the singer Maria Skoog we called ourselves Trones Lampa. The Professor in organ at the Academy of Music in Malmö, Hans Hellsten helped me to review the arrangements for "organ-friendliness", and also participated when the music was premiered in Malmö in 2004, The Music was also played in Asarum 2005 and in Västra Klagstorp 2006 then with the organ players of the local parishes.

The interest in organ music was revived in 2016 when I started a collaboration between me as saxophonist and organist Karin Johansson, professor of artistic research at the Academy of Music in Malmö, in which we play both folk music of various kinds and early organ music of for instance Buxtehude. We had our first two concerts in the summer of 2016 in the churches of Helsingborg and Limhamn, and in 2017 we made a concert in connection with the Folk and World World Gala in Helsingborg, and in the Viken Church. In 2020, we recorded a phonogram, "Möte i Mixturen"; which ws released by Karin's parish of Viken..

Artistic work

Everybody Gets Lonely Orchestra
(2009-) "Super Group" consisting of members from The Ark and Cardigans (two famous Swedish pop bands), as well as several of Malmö's most distinguished jazz and world musicians, who play soul music of the 60s and 70s. The group was in house band at the club "Everybody Gets Lonely" at Debaser in Malmö, where we played a number of times, but have also played at Mossagårdsfestivalen, Café de Luxe and Tyrolen Lever. The group recorded music to a couple of songs for SVT's children's program "Dilemman med Doreen", and in Dec 2013 I participated in a concert of music from these programs at the Victoria Theater together with Doreen.

The group was then inactive for a few years, but resumed in January 2017, and will in 2021 release an album, "Green Soul", where we play soul songs with texts on environmental issues for children, mainly composed by me. I'm involved with baritone sax and as composer and arranger.

Artistic work

(1998-2011). Group that mixed Scandinavian folk with influences ranging from classical to rock. Five members. Played at the Malmö Festival, in Germany, a theater music tour in Skåne, and was in the autumn of 2002 Concert of the Week from Konserthuset in Växjö in P2 Swedish Radio. Also participated in Local Radio Malmöhus. Played in 2007 together with the singer/songwriter Gitte Pålsson, and played at Linköping Folk Music Festival. The group was then discontinued, but when the album with Gitte Pålsson was released in January 2011, the group assembled again temporarily. I participated with saxophone, hurdy gurdy, didgeridoo, flutes, as well as compositions and arrangements.

Artistic work

(2001-2005) Wind sextet with four saxophones, clarinet and trumpet, as well as various flutes as side instruments. Played folk from different corners of the world solely on wind instruments. Has played in Malmö, Jönköping and Örebro. I did all the arrangements. We have also made workshops for both music teachers and young musicians

Artistic work

Trio Lagerkvist
(2003-2005) Trio who played my compositions  set to the poems of Swedish poet Pär Lagerkvist. Setting: piano, saxophone, song/violin. Debut in the summer 2004 at Hedmanska gården in Malmö, and made church performances in the summer of 2005. One of the songs, "Då bryts murarna ned (Then the Walls are Broken Down)", was played at the grand manifestation "Refugees Welcome" in Malmö in Sept. 2015 of a band of 80 musicians that I pulled together, and also at the corresponding manifestation in Skurup in October 2015.

Artistic work


(1998-2012) Traditional Swedish folk trio with tunes from Skåne, Småland and Västergötland on the repertoire. But we also played many own compositions by me and violinist Jon Sirén. I played saxophone, harmonica and hurdy gurdy. Has performed concerts and played for dance in many parts of Sweden, such as Korröfestivalen, Felan i Örebro, Malmö Folk, Skövde Folk, Allegården et al. Has also been to Norway, Poland, USA and Canada. Played for a week in the summer of 2007 at different smaller, mainly outdoor stages in Malmö city.
The group released an EP, "Glädjepojkar", in 2005, and a full-length disc, "Sofiagatan", in 2008. Both received very good reviews. A USA trip with a visit to the prestigious Folk Alliance Folk Folk Festival was conducted in February 2009. In the summer of 2009 and 2010, in collaboration with the Sissela choir, we did two concerts with "Else and Holger", a music drama set in the early 18th century. We played it at Glimmingehus, where the story also actually happened. The music is music of that time music that I have arranged. In 2010, the group also received a repertoire development scolarship from Musikalliansen, which also funded a demo that was recorded in August 2010. In 2012, the group performed a number of pieces for Grannar + choir by me and Jon Sirén together with Hjo and Skövde church choirs, and played at Skövde Folk.

Artistic work

(2007-2011) Nine piece band which performed it's own interpretations of the hits of the Persian pop icon Googoosh from the 60's and 70's. Leader was the singer and actor Bahare Ahmad. Since the start we played a lot in Malmö, such as at the Malmö Festival, Pildammsteatern in Malmö, Jeriko and Inkonst, Möllevångsfestivalen, and participated in Kanal Lokal (TV), and performed live in P2 Radio. Also played in Alvesta at the Tivoli Festival. I participated with soprano and alto sax, and did all the arrangements for the four wind instruments.

Artistic work

Folklab (former European Youth Folk Orchestra)
(2001-2003) Eleven young folk musicians from nine different European countries, who played music from their respective countries together. I was a the band leader, played saxophone and didgeridoo, and had done all the arrangements. Toured in Italy, Sweden, Ireland, France, Norway and Spain. The album "Enfants Terribles" was released at the Italian company Ethnosuoni in May 2002. The last show was in May -03 in Luxembourg.

Artistic work

(1995-2002) Folk rock group with seven members, who over the years had a number of different setups. I was one of the driving forces in the band, and at the end wrote a lot of the music, which came to be centered around my compositions for poetry by Swedish poet Pär Lagerkvist. Appeared at Nalen in Stockholm, the Cultural Night in Lund, the Malmö Folk Music Association, Allégården in Gothenburg, etc, and toured to Luxembourg and Slovenia. 

Artistic work

Hven Kvartet
(2000-2002). Quartet that was a meeting between two Danish and two Swedish folk musicians. We played both Danish and Swedish folk music, mostly for dance. We performed at  Malmö Folk (Sweden) and Folk Club Fyn in Denmark. I participated as a saxophonist and organizer.

Artistic work

Cesar Pena and Quartel
(1997-2005). Cesar is Chilean songwriter, singer and folk musician. During 1997, and again in 1999, I participated in his accompanying band, and we performed during the Malmö Festival, and released a self-produced record. A modified variant of the group I participated in performed in the summer -05 in the Malmö festival with a program of Latin American carneval music.

Artistic work

The Story of a Horse
(1997) Participated throughout the summer as theater musician in this big summer initiative by Malmö Amateur theater (with professional direction). Music by Cesar Pena, text based on a novel by Leo Tolstoy.

Artistic work

The planet Malmö
(1997) Participated during the autumn as theater musician in this performance by Theater Kaleidoskop, a multicultural theater group. The music was written by Cesar Pena.

Artistic work

The book project "The Higher Music"
I have worked with the combined book and music project "The Higher Music" since 2009. It's a fantasy novel series for young people, that takes place in a world where you can practice magic with the help of music. Part of this work I have done as an artistic development work within my position at the Academy of Music. So far, two books in the series have been published, and there are plans for more. The books are of course primarily written as fiction works, but also have an educational idea, to try to inspire young people to start and continue playing acoustic instruments. Both books have received very nice reviews in the magazine of Bibliotekstjänst (who sells books to the Swedish libraries), which led to a large number of orders from various libraries in Sweden. In January 2020, I will release the first book as an audio book, with actor Janna Eriksson.
   The book also contains a lot of music I have written. Much of this I have also recorded so that it can be listened to. A large range of prominent musicians in folk and world music and classical music in Sweden has contributed to the recordings, as well as several prominent musicians in Bulgaria and Ireland. 2016 I was Composer in Residence at Visby International Composers' center and worked a week with music for the project. When the second part of the book was released, a concert was organized with music from the book at Svaneholm castle (where much of that book takes place), and Skurup municipality has sponsored this work. Some of the music for the books is now out on Spotify, and more is coming.

   In 2020, the first book was also released as an audiobook, recorded by the actor Janna Eriksson, and the 2nd book will also be released in this form in 2021. 

Professional work

Work as a producer of artistic projects
In most of the bands and projects I play with, I also have a role as the one who fixes most of the practical work. In addition, I have sometimes acted as an administrative producer for larger artistic projects.

Music of the World
Worked in June-October 2003 as a producer for a big concert with Ale Möller and his band, who played together with all teachers and over 300 students from Kristianstad's music school in Kristianstad Sports Hall.

Multi Kulti
A school concert week with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra where over 2000 schoolchildren in Malmö were invited to 7 performances with folk music arranged for symphony orchestra.

Concert with Malmö Symphony Orchestra and World Mix Orchestra
Concert in April 2007 where MSO and WMO together with three invited soloists did a concert. Conductor Niklas Willén. I was an artistic producer.

Artistic work

Studio musician    

  • In 2009 I participated as a saxophonist on two rock records released in 2010; "Hälften dör av fetma" with the group Babian, and "In Full Regalia" with The Ark
  • In 2012 I recorded flutes and saxophone for the music for the theatre performance The wonderful journey of Nils Holgersson at the city theater of Helsingborg, (music P-O Nilsson), which was later released as a album.
  • Appeared as a musician with the newly designed instrument "dudukofon" (a kind of mix of duduk and saxophone that I built myself) on the Christmas album of prominent opera singer Rickard Söderberg, released on Christmas 2016.
  • Recorded music for the world famous computer game Battlefield, Sept. 2017.

Artistic work

Music for children with Gitte Pålsson
Performed on four children's albums: "Kickan and the Chef", "One year-twelve months", "Wild animals" and "Animal of the Week in the Park" published by Gitte Pålsson. On the "One Year" record, I wrote all the arrangements, and also participated as a band leader when the concert performance "One year - twelve months" toured in Skåne in 2007. This was later done in 2012 as a Creative School project in the municipality of Kristianstad. with 10 concerts in Kristianstad Concert Hall, and 2013 in the municipalities of Malung and Skurup  with two concerts each. Also made concerts in Höör municipality in 2016, and in Kristianstad and Malmö in 2019.

Artistic work

Solo Projects

  •  With the one-man performance Around the world in 45 minutes for children between 9 and 15 years, I made about 30 performances for in Blekinge in 2005-2006, and 60 for the City of Malmö in 2007. Also made gigs in Lund and Broby 2009, and in Valdemarsvik 2012.
  • Participated as didgeridoo player in the inauguration of the 2006 and 2008 editions of Tällberg Forum in Dalarna together with Ale Möller. Also held a course in didgeridoo at Tryllestämman. And in 2010, taught didgeridoo for people with breathing problems in collaboration with the doctor Lisa Staeves, and played didgeridoo in kindergarten in connection with an Australia theme. In 2012 I was a didgeridoo musician at a large international medical conference in Copenhagen, and at the "Walls awaken", a great multimedia event in Gillberga Stenbrott on Öland in connection with Öland's harvest festival.
  • Played solo concert at Korröfestivalen in July 2015.

Artistic work

Escape from Sweden
In September 2015 I participated as a musician and composer in Nordisk Panorama Hackathon, a workshop for people in the film, computer games and culture industry with the aim of creating new exciting projects within Virtual Reality. In a short time, we created a prototype that we called "The Escape from Sweden", a virtual story where one can experience an escape from a contemporary Sweden at war through a small child's eyes. The idea for this came from me. The prototype was shown at MEDEA in Malmö, and both Malmö City and Boost Helsingborg contributed to creating a more professional edition of the project, to which I wrote and recorded the music. The experience has now been shown for instance on the Human Rights Days in Malmö and on a similar event in Strömsund, at Almedalsveckan, and it has been mentioned in the news both on Swedish national Radio and National television. In 2018, it was named the Best VR project at the Pixel Film Festival in Malmö.

Artistic work

Music for and with refugees and threatened musicians    

  • In September 2015, i pulled together the 80-man band "Refugees welcome - the band", which  played at a big manifestation for refugees in Malmö. A minor edition of the band also appeared on the corresponding manifestation in Skurup.
  • Performed in December 2015 as a band leader for a band for Farzane Zamen, singer/sogwriter from Iran, who was visited to the Nordic countries by Freemuse because she is not allowed to perform publicly in her home country. We played at Moriskan in Malmö.
  • Played several concerts with the Afghan musician and singer Farhad Ishrat, who for a few years lived as an asylum seeker in Sweden, but was expelled in 2019.

Artistic work

Work as a composer
Since 2006 member of SKAP, Swedish Composers of Popular Music.

I write music to most of the artistic projects I am involved in, see above. In addition, I sometimes also work as a composer and organizer on behalf of others.

  •     Won a prize in 2000 in a competition for arranging Finnish Swedish folk music for choir. This piece has since been recorded on the album by Turku Male Choir (Brahe Djäknar), and Linköping male choir has won international choir competitions with it. In connection with this, I also got a composition assignment for Brahe Djäknar.
  •     In 2000, I arranged the concert "New folk songs" with nine works in folk music style for saxophone quartet, string quartet, Wind quintet, brass quintet, choir, symphony orchestra and a duet for baritone saxophone and piccola flute.
  •     In the summer of 2003 I made a folk music arrangement of three songs for a constellation of music teachers from the Music School in Kristianstad, which made school tours in Kristianstad municipality.
  •     Three works for the symphony orchestra were premiered in March 2005 by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, and three more were performed by the orchestra in April 2007 together with the World Mix Orchestra.
  •     A piece in Swedish folk music style, written to the string quartet Amanda, was premiered in Trelleborg in October 2008.
  •     A piece in Eastern European style was commissioned by the Symphonic band of the Swedish Marine corps in 2010, and has been performed by them on several occasions since.
  •     In 2011, a work was written for Malmö Opera Orchestra and World Mix Orchestra at the inauguration of Assitej, an international festival for performing arts for children.
  •     In 2013, I was one of the composers in a Creative School project in Staffanstorp where I wrote and recorded music together with six school classes on the theme "Free Birds".
  •     In 2014, I was a composer in a Creative School project in Kristianstad, where I wrote music together with four ninth classes with inspiration from buildings in the local environment. The music was then listened to in an app when standing at the building.
  •     The commissioned work "Sommasvit i spelmanston" for viola and violin, ordered by two prominent Danish string musicians, Helge and Anette Slaatto, was premiered in 2014 under the contemporary music festival Ny musik i Birkerød, DK, and was also played in Copenhagen in 2015.
  • I organized the George Harrison song "Within You Without You" for string quartet, Indian violin and percussion for a concert in London in May 2017, celebrating an anniversary of the Beatles record Sgt Pepper.

  • In 2020, I met all of the 11 year old pupils in the schools of Skurup Municipality, and composed and recorded a total of 8 songs (one for each class) with inspiration and participation from the pupils. 


Leader of the youth project SkåneFolk Youth Ensemble
(2009-2019) SkåneFolk Youth Ensemble was originally a county-wide project within Skåne County, in which 20 young people from all over the county for two weeks received municipal summer jobs from their home municipalities to put together a music and dance performance based mainly on Skåne folk music and dance. I hatched the idea for the project, was involved in producing it, and was responsible for the music. Performances were conducted throughout Skåne and Kronoberg counties in the summers 2010 - 2014. In 2011, events also started during the rest of the year. The performance from 2011 was played at the Folk and World Music Gala in Malmö 2011, the performance from 2012-13 was played at the Folk and World Music Gala in Gävle in 2013, and the performance from 2014 was played at an event against Afrophobia in Malmö that year. When the summer job was closed in 2014, other activities also stopped, but since the autumn of 2016, the project has started again on a small scale, and we have, among other things, performed at the Folk- and World Music Gala in Helsingborg, the Folk and World Music Gala in Norrköping, and made a large concert together with Tummel in Kristianstad in Dec 2017. During the season 2018-19, the group performed at the folk and world music gala in Linköping, the Spelmansstämma in Markaryd, at the Green Live festival in Kristianstad, and in the Jugendherbst folk camp in Flensburg, Germany.


Further education and teaching trips

  • In the spring of 2002 travelled as an exchange student to Hanoi in Vietnam as part of a SIDA project, and studied bamboo flute at the Conservatory for two months.
  • Spent a total of five weeks in Plovdiv in Bulgaria in 2004, 2005 and 2008 studying cavalry flute and Bulgarian bagpipe. Last been there and taught at the Academy of Music Nov 2008 and spring 2015 through Erasmus exchanges.
  • Participated in the BIMUC music conference in Bergen, Norway, in 2008, where I lectured on the theme of university education for folk and world musicians.
  • Since 1998, I have participated in most of the annual conferences in Nordtrad, the Nordic network for folk music education at university level, and through this I have been able to meet many of the top practitioners both of Nordic and immigrant music in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
  • Participated in 2008 as a lecturer in a SIDA project in Johannesburg, South Africa, administered by the Academy of Music in Gothenburg, aimed at the training of music teachers.
  • Participated in April 2011 as workshop leader at a music camp in Ghana, and in January 2013 in Tanzania, organized by the global network GLOMUS.
  • In March 2016 I was at a composer residence at Visby international composer center.
  • In October 2017 represented the arts faculty at Lund University at the conference Include in Gävle, on diversifying recruitment for the university world.
  • In the summer of 2018 I participated in a songwriter camp arranged by SKAP, where one as a composer had to try to write music with other composers.
  • In feb 2019 I took part in the PopJazzTrad platform meeting in Trondheim in Norway, organized by the EAC network.