Parminder Singh Mavi

affiliated with the university, Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D.Known as name: Parminder Mavi

Research areas and keywords


  • Streptomyces


My doctoral work was focused on understanding the physiology of Mycobacteria. We used genetic tools with microscopy to understand the formation of biofilm by the bacteria under reductive stress and also the role of the Two-component sensor-response regulator pair of SenX3-RegX3 in survival under hypoxia. Stemming from this work, my facination with the growth and division mechanism in bacteria lead me to my current research project. The constituents of cell growth and division in Actinobacteria are currently being explored and Streptomyces are excellent model systems for their study. My current project aims to understand the polar growth in Streptomyces by using live imaging and high resolution microscopy to gain insights into their organisation.