Pia Rönicke

Doctoral Student

Research areas and keywords


  • Visual Art

Artistic work

In recent years, I have been investigating different botanical collections. My interest in herbariums stands in relationship to methods of indexing, including both observation and representation. These plant collections show traces of geopolitical conditions not only within the practices of botany but also map out colonial territorializations. This work including, The Pages of Day and Night (2015) and The Cloud Document (2017) attempts to examine some of the consequences of botanical systemization.

I am interested in how we conceive historical matters in relationship to our daily activities and the connection between workspace and filmic space. I often work with different kinds of archives and the practice of collecting is a recurring subject in my practice - The personal, ethical and political dimensions of it. I work with blind spots – that which contains spatial dimensions, and a set of coordinates of unnoticed, undisclosed material.

My methodology and practice is one of wandering observations, drift based associations, where coincidental encounters are part of the method. This transpires whether I work with archives, literature, online data or when moving through space. A conceptualizing happens through the handling of a material. I am interested in a drifting perspective, one that doesn't try to territorialize and doesn't come from one place, but inhabits a number of focal points. It is also one that asks, what are the privileges or lack or privileges connected to this approach? I work with doubt as a form of thinking and a sense of justice to bring forward unrecognized perspectives. I believe in being implicated, which means I have a responsibility and an agency within the work.

My work that consist among others of films, prints, sculptures, books and objects are often installed in constellation creating a spatial narrativity.