Robert Willim

Senior Lecturer, PhD


Researcher and teacher in Digital Cultures and European Ethnology. Also active as artist. 

My research has primarily dealt with how imaginaries are entwined with digital cultures, materiality and experiences of place. 

Some years ago I developed a research track about the concept Industrial Cool. This deals with the ways traditional industries are transformed in contact with ideas about a postindustrial society. I have continued this work through examinations of imaginaries of decay and vital materiality. 

Mixes of art and cultural analysis is another of my interests. I work with a number of art projects that are juxtaposed with research questions. The artworks are used as "art probes" that might transmute concepts in my research.

Artistic work

I create works that explore imaginaries, media and experiences of place, landscape, nature and technology. My art is positioned in the borderland next to my practices as a cultural analyst and a scholar of digital cultures, and I use my research to spur artistic concepts and to explore the interplay between representation and evocation. The artworks have often emanated from research questions and are subsequently used as something I call art probes. These are "instruments of evocation" used to engender inspiration and material for further research.

I work in several media, primarily using digital tools. The works are often based on the development and transmutation of concepts.

Recent research outputs

Robert Willim, 2019 Apr 15.

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Robert Willim, 2019 Feb 14.

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Robert Willim, 2019 Feb 13.

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