Sara Ullström

Doctoral Student

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Social Sciences Interdisciplinary


  • Climate change, Sustainability Transitions, Sustainability Science


My PhD research is part of the FORMAS funded research project "The takeoff of staying on the ground" which studies the rising movement in Sweden to reduce flying, and the potentially transformative cultural shift it represents. In my research, I focus on motivations for rethinking and changing air travel behaviors, and investigate the conditions under which personal decisions to stay on the ground can foster collective action and mobilization against flying. Much of the conversations about flying and climate change take place in social media, and the flight-free movement has also received rising attention in both national and international news media. How narratives of staying on the ground have emerged, evolved, and diffused over time in different media outlets, and with what impacts on policy and daily life, is therefore a key question in my research.