Sean Perrin

Professor, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Practioner Psychologist (Clinical), UK Health and Care Professions Council, Chartered Clinical Psychologist (#079363), British Psychological Society , PhD, MS, BA

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Psychology (excluding Applied Psychology)


  • Trauma and PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, Chronic Pain, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Psychological Flexibility


My Clinical and Research Interests

I am fully qualified clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience providing CBT to children and adults, as well as supervising and training mental health professionals to do the same. I have specialist training and experience delivering CBT to children and adults with posttraumatic reactions, depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive related disorders, and chronic pain. My primary interest is improving the efficacy of psychological treatments for these and related (mental) health problems. I carry out research that seeks to: 1) identify aspects of the person, both physical and psychological, that impact how well they respond to different evidence-based treatments; and 2) identify specific treatment processes that drive change in symptoms and overall functioning at the person level. These two pieces of information can be used to help us adapt and personalize current treatments so they are more effective. The research involves a mixture of observational, experimental and quasi-experimental studies, including (randomized) clinical trials to test the efficacy of treatment programs and to identify therapeutically active components within these programs. The research is by nature collaborative and cross-disciplinary, involving patients, healthcare providers, and researchers.

Recent research outputs

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