Sean Perrin

Professor, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Practioner Psychologist (Clinical), UK Health and Care Professions Council, Chartered Clinical Psychologist (#079363), British Psychological Society , PhD, MS, BA

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Psychology (excluding Applied Psychology)


  • Trauma and PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, Chronic Pain, Access to Evidence-Based Treatments, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Psychological Flexibility


My Research Interests

Improving the efficacy of psychological treatments for (mental) health problems by identifying moderators and mediators of outcome and overall functioning, particularly for individuals (children & adults) with PTSD, OCD, anxiety and chronic pain.

Increasing patient access to high quality, evidence-based treatments, delivered in an evidence-based way.

Current PhD & Post-Doctoral Students (*1st Supervisor)

Sophia Åkerblom PhD, Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, Lund: Chronic pain/PTSD

Linda Nordin*, Lund Univ: Chronic pain/PTSD in tortured refugees

Thomas Nilsson*, Lund Univ: Treatment of Panic Disorder.

Martin Svensson*, Lund Univ: Treatment of Panic Disorder.

Matti Cervin, Lund Univ: Cognitive/emotion mechanisms in pediatric OCD.

Irina Landin, Lund Univ: DBT for adolescents with ADHD.

Tove Wahlund, Karolinska Inst: CBT for childhood GAD and worry.

National & Regional Collaborations

Assessing the health-economic impacts of a fast-track/expert assessment of ADHD for adults in primary and specialist care in Malmö & Trelleborg. Ylva Narby & Anna Nylen, Region Skåne Psychiatry; Mats Fridell, Ulf Gerdtham & Sean Perrin, Lund University

Using moderators and mediators of pain-related functioning to improve treatment outcomes for chronic pain. Sophia Åkerblom & Marcelo Fischer-Rivano, Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, Lund University Hospital; Lance M McCracken, Uppsala University/King's College London; Sean Perrin, Lund University

Development of a psychological flexibility-based treatment for chronic pain for tortured refugees with PTSD/depression. Linda Nordin, Dignity - Danish Institute Against Torture; Lance M McCracken, Uppsala University/King's College London; Sean Perrin, Lund University

Using session-by-session monitoring to improve outcomes in 1st line child & adolescent psychiatry services. Agneta Paul & Matti Cervin, Region Skåne Psychiatry; Sean Perrin, Lund University

Providing online videos of yoga & breathing/meditation exercises to recent refugees. Anna Milk & Anders Malm, &; Sean Perrin, Lund University

International Collaborations

Randomized Controlled Trial of integrated CBT for co-occuring PTSD and Substance Use Disorder in adolescents; Kathleen Mills (PI), Marie Teesson, Emma Barrett, Joanne Ross, University of New South Wales; Vanessa Cobham, University of Queensland; Kathleen Brady & Sudie Back, Medical University of South Carolina; Sean Perrin, Lund University

Randomized Controlled Trial of EMDR and CBT writing therapy for children and adolescents with PTSD tied to a single traumatic event. Carlijn de Roos, Ad de Jongh, Paul Emmelkamp, Bonnie Ziljstra, & Sascha Lucassen, University of Amsterdam; Saskia van der Oord, KU Leuven; Sean Perrin, Lund University

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