Shantanu Sharma

affiliated with the university, PhD student, Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Family Welfare Management, Diplomate of National Board, Doctor in Medicine, M.B.B.S (Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery)

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Medical and Health Sciences

Professional work

Presented work at National and International level conferences and Symposiums. These included:

1. Berzelius Symposium 96: Won second best poster award for a poster on 'Early Life origins of type 2 diabetes and cardiometabolic diseases: The Malmo Birth data cohort and the Lifegene cohort.' The symposium was held in Malmo, Sweden from 25-27th May 2018.

2. 6th International symposium on metabolic programming and metabolic diseases: Won second best oral presenter award for a presentation on 'Dietary intakes among women across life cycle stages; from preconception to adolescence: A multicentric cross-sectional analysis in india'. The symposium took place in Cancun, Mexico from 7-10th November 2018.

3. 3rd David Barker memorial symposium on DOHaD: Did an oral presentation at 21st SNEHA meeting and David Barker symposium held in Pune, India from 8-10th February 2019. Also, presented work on birth weight associations with breast and prostate cancer.

4. Virtual International Day of Midwives 2019: Did an oral presentation on 'Peri-conception care service delivery through midwives using mHealth: A case study from India'. The virtual presentation was done on 5th May 2019.

5. EpiDem PhD student Conference: Presented a paper with preliminary analysis in the conference held at Falsterbo, Sweden from 6-7th May 2019. The title of the paper was 'Associations between birth parameters and adult cardio-metabolic traits in a Swedish Birth cohort'.

6. Lifecycle symposium jointly organized by EpiHealth, CERPS and SAF: Did an oral presentation in the symposium on the topic 'Pre-conception health from the Indian perspective'. Also, presented a poster on 'Birth weight and cancer prognosis: A meta-analysis of current evidence'. The symposium took place in Malmo, Sweden from 9-10 May 2019.

7. Women Deliver 2019 conference: Presented a digital poster in the conference held from 3-6th June 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. The topic of the presentation was 'Triple E (Engage, Educate, and Empower) approach by community champions to improve health practices of marginalized women and girls in India'. 

8. Was part of the study and poster presentation, entitled 'Association of maternal subjective tress during the peri-conception period with birth birth outcomes in the Malmo Offspring Study: A pilot study. It was presented by a colleague in 4th European Conference on Peri-conception health and care. The conference was held in Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark from 26-27th September 2019. 

9. International Society for the Study of Hypertension conference 2019 (ISSH): Presented a poster, entitled "The impact of birth parameters on pre-eclampsia in adulthood among women in two Swedish Birth Cohorts". The conference was held from 2-4th October 2019 in Lund, Sweden.


Working on four major areas including research, evaluation, training, and advocacy. Also, working on many public health research and implementation areas. These include:

1. Pre-conception care

2. Early life origins (Developmental origins of health and disease)

3. Nutrition (pertaining to public health)

4. Non-communicable disease (Cancers, Diabetes, and Cardio-metabolic disease)

5. Epidemiology

6. Maternal and Child Health

Research area for PhD is early life factors and adult onset of chronic diseases, something we call today as DOHaD (Development Origin of Health and Diseases).

Looking at Swedish medical registers and Birth cohorts primarily, Malmo Birth Data Cohort and Malmo offspring study.

Working with Peter Nilsson and other research members of EpiHealth (Epidemiology for Health).