Sigrid Stjernswärd

Associate professor, Senior Lecturer

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  • Health Sciences


  • eHealth , Mental health, Caregivers, Mindfulness, Online support, Compassion, Psychotrauma


Associate professor, Senior lecturer, PhD, Psychiatric nurse, MSc, RN, Bachelor’s degrees (nursing and humanities) 

Focus in my dissertation was the development of web-based support for families living with depression. My continued research focuses the development of web-based support for families living with mental and/or somatic illness, with interventions based on different theoretical frameworks including e.g. the value of therapeutic writing and social support in stressful life situations, and mindfulness interventions.

Other projects have treated the monitoring of physical, mental and oral health in persons with psychosis living within subsidized housing. Several projects were carried out within the Centre of Evidence-Based Psychosocial Intervention’s (CEPI) activities, including projects on stigma and a mental health first aid program. Examples of such studies relate to the value of a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) program and of a web-based educational program about suicide prevention within psychiatric care in Sweden (Suicidprevention i Svensk sjukvård, SPiSS).

An interdisciplinary collaboration around the ehealth theme at the Pufendorf Institute resulted in the white paper "eHealth: for better for worse - in sickness and in health", and a continued eHealth@LU network.

A newer research track focuses psychotrauma and therapeutic interventions.

I am also involved in teaching, mainly within the nursing program on both basic and advanced levels, and the master program in medical sciences. I am currently the course leader for the psychiatric nursing program (advanced level) and for a course in qualitative research methods (master program in medical sciences).

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