Simon Kindvall

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According to the world health organization, WHO, chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) is currently the third leading cause of death world wide, and is expected to increase with an ageing population.

If we develop MRI methods for lung studies it would be possible to track disease development and treatment effects over long periods of time, potentially unlocking new knowledge to fight COPD.

A promising method is Oxygen enhanced MRI (OE-MRI), where the magnetic properties of molecular oxygen dissolved in the blood is used to gain MRI constrast. When a subject starts to breathe 100% oxygen, there is an increase in MRI signal, corresponding to the amount of oxygen dissolved. The mehtod has already been used to study differences between asymptotic smokers, COPD patients, astmatics; as well as in different animal models. Hopefully, the method will be developed to produce full coverage 3D images of the oxygen enhancement effect in the lung.

Professional work

Licensed hospital physicist (2012)

Recent research outputs

Simon Kindvall, 2018, Lund: Lund University: Faculty of Medicine. 90 p.

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