Sophia Yakhlef

affiliated with the university


Main research areas

  • Border Police Cooperation 
  • Border Management 
  • Criminology and Deviance  

Current Research 

Project ”Turnstone”. A study of the cooperation between the border police and coastguard in the Baltic Sea area.

For the police and border guards of the Baltic Sea area, cooperation has become important considering their participation in the EU and the Schengen agreement. Borders that were before governed and monitored by passport controls must now rely on the cooperation between the border guards and border police. This entails the emergence of new police and border guard networks beyond the national police stations. The networks rely on the mutual understanding of “being on the same side of the border”, trust, and humour. Drawing on multi cited fieldwork in five of the Schengen countries (Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden), and interviews with members from the border agencies, my research focuses on the mechanisms that are in play when a (new) EU border police “culture” emerges through mundane work practices.

Recent research outputs

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