Steven Schmidt

Scientific Coordinator, Associate Professor

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  • CASE - Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments


Scientific Coordinator at the Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments (CASE) at Lund University, received his PhD in medical psychology in the USA in 2005. After coming to CASE several years ago, his research has focused on relationships among the environment, health/function, and psychosocial factors in the ageing population. Taking a predominately public health approach using multi- / inter-disciplinary teams, he applies methods from clinical trials, epidemiology, and health economics modelling. To increase the impact of research, projects also collaborate with users (e.g. government agencies, policy makers, industry, older people, etc.). Ongoing projects 1) TECH@HOME focuses on reducing carer burden using technologies in homes of people with dementia; 2) Housing and Health along the Process of Ageing explores relationships between perceived and objective aspects of the home environment, psychosocial factors, and functioning; 3) Patterns of Public Transport Use as We Age examines relationships between personal resources, availability of transport options, choice of transport used, and impact on well-being; 4) UserAge program, Steven leads a large panel study to examine attitudes related to user participation in research on ageing and health. 5) In collaboration with Keio University, School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems, he is working on studies related to the impact of cold indoor housing temperature on older people’s health.


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