Susanna Calling

affiliated with the university, Associate Professor


Cardiovascular disease and lifestyle factors

My research focuses mainly on epidemiology, including cardiovascular disease, lifestyle and sociodemography. My work in the cardiovascular field includes the relationships with obesity, metabolic syndrome and genetic influences, as well as the effects of sociodemography and lifestyle factors. Obesity is a major health problem globally. My PhD thesis showed that obese people is not a heterogeneous group, but a group of individuals whose cardiovascular risk differs depending on socioeconomic, metabolic and lifestyle factors. These findings give important clinical information when handling these patients.


Socioeconomic factors and neighborhood

Primary health care is strongly influenced by which environment the patients live in. We have performed several studies on the impact on health of individual sociodemographic factors as well as factors related to which neighborhood we belong to.



E-health is now rapidly introduced in Swedish health care. However, there is a lack of research evidence in this field and studies in primary health care setting are scarce. There is a risk that new technology is not adapted to older patients with multimorbidity. Moreover, it is not known to what extent e-health may be used for primary preventive efforts. In a qualitative study, we analyze the attitudes towards e-health in elderly. Another research project is to study the effect of lifestyle intervention througt text-messaging in people with hypertension.

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