Susanne Iwarsson

Professor, Doctor Honoris Causa, PhD, Reg. occupational therapist, Excellent Teaching Practitioner, ETP, , Excellent Teaching Practitioner, ETP, Associate Professor, PhD, Medical Science, MSc
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  1. Transdisciplinary research to optimize active and healthy ageing in and out of the home

    Steven Schmidt, Susanne Iwarsson, Marianne Granbom, Nebojsa Malesevic & S Fristedt


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research, National collaboration, Collaboration with industry

  2. How to adopt technology? A generational perspective on adoption and attitudes of technology

    Jens Offerman, Susanne Iwarsson, Steven Schmidt & Sofi Fristedt

    2020/04/01 → …

    Project: DissertationIndividual research project, Interdisciplinary research

  3. HoT-Age: HoT-Age: Perceived Housing and Life Transitions: Good Ageing-in Place

    Steven Schmidt, Maya Kylén, Björn Slaug, Susanne Iwarsson, Frank Oswald, Anna Wanka & Erik Eriksson


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research, International collaboration

  4. RELOC-AGE: RELOC-AGE: How do housing choices and relocation matter for active and healthy ageing?

    Susanne Iwarsson, Jonas Björk, Marianne Granbom, Giedre Gefenaite, Steven Schmidt, Magnus Zingmark, Taina Rantanen, Björn Slaug & Frida Nordeström

    Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte)


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research

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