Susanne Lundin


Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Cultural Studies
  • Humanities


  • Health, identity, transplantation, xenotransplantation , IVF , organ trade, fake medicines, global grey zones


Current projects:

Clinical experiments for Huntington's disease. Recommendations to medical researchers regarding how to inform potential participants (Swedish Research Council)

Illegal drugs - gathering information from the public and doctors. A preliminary evaluation of the implementation of knowledge in society. (LUinnovation/VINNOVAProjekt ID: 2014-1006)

Ethnography as a model to investigate biomedicine’s moral and legal grey areas and to provide a basis for international actions (


Completed projects:
-Organ transplantation and organ trafficking. Focus is on the criminal ways to meet the demands for transplants
- Cultural aspects on neurodegenerative disorders (Parkinson’s and - -Huntington’s disease).
- Impact of citizen participation on decision making in knowledge intensive policy fields,
- Genetics and Democracy (Erik Philip-Sörensen Foundation)
- Organ som bristvara. Svenska patienter som blir transplanterade utomlands.(Gelinfonden
- From Phenotype to Genotype – towards a genetic normality? (Erik Philip-Sörensen Foundation)
- Människan, maten och måltiden i ett föränderligt samhälle (HSFR, The Swedish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences)
- Transformations of the Body (FRN, The Swedish Research Council for the Natural Sciences)
- Genetics, Genetic Engineering, and Everyday Ethics (RJ, The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation,)
- Cultural Perspectives on Xenotransplantation (Juvenile Diabets Foundation/Wallenberg)
- Bioscience, Knowledge, and Culture; Educating the European Public for Biotechnology (EU-project)
- Bodily Commodities: Ethical concerns About Biotechnology and Market (NOS-HS)
- Ethics as praxis. Cultural perspectives on ethic and moral concerns within stem cell research (Wallenberg)
- Challenges of Biomedicine.


Recent research outputs

Susanne Lundin & Margareta Troein, 2020 Apr 18, Svenska Dagbladet Debatt 1 p.

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Susanne Lundin & Rui Liu, 2019 Jun 27, iNews, p. 31.

Research output: Contribution to specialist publication or newspaperNewspaper article

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