Susanne Pelger

Senior Lecturer, Associate professor, Excellent Teaching Practitioner (ETP)


My current research addresses questions of science education, where learning and teaching in higher science education is of particular interest. The main issues concern the connection between communication and learning, with focus on students’ writing.

The aim of my research is to explore how different ways of science communication can be successfully implemented in science education, and which effects these activities may bring to science students’ learning of how to open up and communicate their disciplines for a larger community. The goal is to identify learning and teaching strategies that support students’ achievement of communication skills as well as subject-matter understanding and scientific literacy.

My research is praxis-near, which means there is a close connection both to my teaching practice and to cooperation with different actors in society outside of academia. Since the character of my research is cross-disciplinary, my scholarly network includes researchers in several fields: linguistics, rhetoric, education science and science disciplines.

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