Sven Kristersson

Professor, PhD, Postgraduate Diploma in Music Theory, , , PhD


Sven kristersson is a singer, composer and researcher. His research is often performed through scenic-musical interpretations of historic material. It may concern mythological subjects such as the ancient  Mesopotamian Gilgamesh Epic or the Norwegian medieval visionary poem The Dream Song, but he has also inquired inte the interpretation of more well-known material, through writing a blank-verse fantasy around the songs of John Dowland or creating a stand-up-tragedy from Schubert's Winterreise.

Sven kristersson views himself not only as an academic researcher, but also as a cricical, popular activist, emphasizing the importance of both an international orientation and in-depth scrutinizing of local and Swedish traditions. He has conducted international artistic exchanges with Brasil and Palestine, but he has also staged Swedish cultural heritage through performances of poet-composers like Birger Sjöberg and Evert Taube. The activist approach is also shown in his moderating of an essaystic series of concerts in Stockholm, on commission of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. 

He is a professor of singing, with a special focus on vocal chamber music, literary songs and scenic performance.

Recent research outputs

Sven Kristersson, 2018 Oct 10, In : Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning STM-SJM. STM, Oktober 2018, p. 1-6 6 p.

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Sven Kristersson, 2016 Oct 10, p. 69-84. 16 p.

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