Tamara Emmenegger

affiliated with the university


I'm a postdoctoral fellow and focus my research on avian blood parasites and bird migration, in particular on developing a mechanistic understanding of host-parasite interactions in migratory birds. I enjoy programming and developing methods for analysis as well as applying these on various question-driven research projects.

My current project, funded by a SNSF postdoc mobility grant, includes a technical revision of the MalAvi database as well as several analyses of the revised data. The database revision will ensure the accessibility of the parasite data for both research and the general public and the data analyses will enable to map the geographical distribution of the different parasite genera, quantify the influence of host traits on the levels of parasitism and determine the transmission areas of different haemosporidians.

All this aims at building a basis for a better understanding of this host-parasite system, also to judge to which degree shifts in parasite and vector ranges following the current climatic changes imply threats to certain vulnerable host populations.

Highlighted research outputs

Steffen Hahn, Martins Briedis, Christos Barboutis, Raffaella Schmid, Martin Schulze, Nina Seifert, Tibor Szép & Tamara Emmenegger, 2021, In: BMC Zoology. 6, 11 p., 6.

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