Thomas Rejsenhus Jensen

Doctoral Student

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Biological Sciences


  • Cognitive Zoology, Animal Cognition, Cognitive Science


I am a PhD student at the Cognitive Zoology Group. I am mainly interested in the early evolution of avian social cognition, and I study this through comparative methods on fundamental social cognitive abilities in paleognath birds and crocodilians. Crocodilians and birds share a common archosaurian ancestor, and to gain a deeper understanding of the evolutionary development of avian cognition, crocodylia represents an important outgroup to which birds can be compared. Comparative studies on birds and crocodilians may shed light on early archosaurian cognitive abilities as well as cognitive differences and/or similarities between birds and crocodylians. 

Recent research outputs

Thomas Rejsenhus Jensen & Mathias Osvath, 2021 May 28, Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior. Vonk, J. & Shackelford, T. (eds.). Springer International Publishing, 6 p.

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