Torbjörn Hjort

Senior Lecturer


My research interests concerns sustenance problems and economic vulnerability. One area involves the questions of what implications economic vulnerability may have in a society characterized by consumption. Another area is focused on how the welfare state relates to economic vulnerability and how notions of what is a reasonable standard of living are created and manifested. In a third area, I study how society’s financialization affects the individual, in particular groups with limited financial resources. I am also involved in research concerning how the role of the citizen changes in relation to an increased freedom of choice regarding welfare services.


I am mainly involved in the fifth, sixth and seventh semesters of the BSc in Social work programme, including supervising and examining bachelor’s theses. I am also involved in the master's programme and have been course director for the course Social Work with Poverty and Maintenance Problems.

Recent research outputs

Alexandru Panican, Torbjörn Hjort & Teres Hjärpe, 2014, Vetenskapliga perspektiv på lärande, undervisning och utbildning i olika institutionella sammanhang – utbildningsvetenskaplig forskning vid Lunds universitet. Persson, A. & Johansson, R. (eds.). Institutionen för utbildningsvetenskap, Lunds universitet, p. 177-194

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