Tove Frykmer

Doctoral Student


My research focus is on collective problem solving in crisis response management. More specifically, I am interested in how the collective problem-solving process can be understood and improved in crises. To contribute to this understanding, I have performed an explorative interview study, identifying key factors that affect the process. To more specifically study the effect of possible factors, I am currently using a micro world game to perform experiments on students and professionals, testing the outcome when some of these factors are at play.

In addition, I have also looked into collective improvisation as a means to solve problems in crises, resulting in a published literature study. I have co-authored an anthology on the handling of the wildfire in Sweden in 2014, focusing on improvisation and organized behavior, and performed an evaluation of how the county boards of Dalarna, Gävleborg and Jämtland contributed to direction and coordination during the wildfires of the summer of 2018.

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