Tove Harnett

Senior LecturerFormer name: Tove Persson
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  1. Low-threshold care facilities for older people with substance user disorder: Quality of Life or Resignation?

    Håkan Jönson & Tove Harnett

    Systembolagets råd för alkoholforskning, SRA


    Project: Research

  2. Age as an organizing principle for the provision of services to persons with support needs

    Tove Harnett, Håkan Jönson, Titti Mattsson & Per Norberg

    Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte)


    Project: ResearchInternal collaboration (LU)

  3. Profiled eldercare and identity

    Tove Harnett, Håkan Jönson, Elisabeth Carlstedt & Magnus Nilsson

    2015/01/01 → …

    Project: Research

  4. Improving everyday conditions by reconceptualising elder care through the lense of disability policies

    Tove Harnett, Håkan Jönson, Annika Taghizadeh Larsson & Stina Johansson


    Project: Research

  5. Individualised care and universal welfare: Dilemmas in an era of marketisation

    Håkan Jönson, Tove Harnett, Marta Szebehely & Elisabeth Carlstedt

    Stockholm University


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  6. Knowledge-based Housing and Care for Older People as an Experimental Arena and Social Innovation

    Susanne Iwarsson, Tove Harnett, Lena Borell, Magnus Rönn, Jonas Andersson, Elisabet Londos, Bengt Jeppsson, Ann-Cathrin Jönsson & Per Olof Sandman


    Project: Research