Ulrika Wennersten

Senior Lecturer, Doctor of Laws

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  • Law


  • Intellectual Property Law, Market Law, Entertainment Law, Media Law, Fashion Law, Business Law, Private Law


I obtained a LLD from the Faculty of Law, Lund University, in May 2014 with the thesis Intellectual Property and Non-Commercial Societal Interest (Immaterialrätt och skydd av samhällsideal). The study was divided into two main parts. The first part dealt with the provision of the Swedish Copyright Act laying down that literary artistic works may not be performed or reproduced publicly after the death of the author in a manner that violates cultural interest. The second part dealt with the provision of trademarks, design and patent law according to which products and their commercial exploitation are exempt from protection to the extent that they are contrary to ordre public/public policy or morality. The common denominator of the provisions studied is that they concern the protection of non-commercial societal interest.

My research interest lies in Intellectual Property, Media Law, Entertainment Law, Fashion Law, Market Law, and Human Rights.

My research is focused on both the development of the legal protection of photography and photographs and the new challenges the legal protection faces when it comes to the digitalization of photographs. The research will also cover and problematize the legal protection and use of photographs in new technical phenomena, such as the internet, social media, apps, cloud computing etc. The research will for example cover questions on ownership and use rights of photographic images, plagiarism; manipulation of photographic images; photographic image and text combination; freedom of speech and personal integrity.

During the academic year, 2017/2018 took I part in an Advanced Study Group at Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies, Lund University, under the theme "The Roles of Photography in Academic Research and Communication". The project is inter-disciplinary. 

During the previous academic year, 2016/2017, took I part in an Advanced Study Group at Pufendorf Institute, Lund University, under the theme “The transformation of scholarly communication”. The project was inter-disciplinary and studied scholarly communication in different scientific research areas.

I have also previously done research on “Data and the law”  together with Ulf Maunsbach (Faculty of Law). It was a sub-project of the inter-disciplinary project Exploring challenges for New Big Science: The realization of ESS and Max IV in Lund, Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies, Lund University. The sub-project focused on the legal protection of data.


I have long experience in teaching on different academic levels and with different teaching methods. I am interested in pedagogical development and is a member of the Organizing Committee of The European Intellectual Property Teachers’ Network (EIPTN) which bring together European Intellectual Property Teachers to exchange ideas on best practice and innovation in teaching and learning activities relating to intellectual property.

 At the moment am I teaching the following courses at Lund University:

- Introductory Course in Business Law, 15 credits

- Marketing and Intellectual Property Law, 15 credits

- Bachelor Course in Business Law including Bachelor Thesis, 30 credits

- Understanding Management, Master´s programme in Management, 7,5 credits

- European Trademark, Design and Copyright Law, Master´s programme in Business Law (Faculty of Law), 15 credits

- Conflict and Intellectual Property Infringement (Faculty of Law), 15 credits

- Commercial Law (Faculty of Law), 30 credits

- Fashion Studies: Fashion and Market 1 (Department of Art and Cultural Science, Faculties of Humanities and Theology), 5 credits

- Fashion Studies: Fashion and Market 2 (Department of Art and Cultural Science, Faculties of Humanities and Theology), 7,5 credits

- Digital Cultures: Information and Cultural Politics (Department of Art and Cultural Science, Faculties of Humanities and Theology), 7,5 credits

- Retail Management - the Store (Department of Service Management and Service Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences (Campus Helsingborg), 15 credits

- Health Management: Value Creation and Service, (Department of Service Management and Service Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences (Campus Helsingborg), 15 credits 

I also have been given guest lectures at other Swedish universities as Linné University, Linköping University, and Stockholm University.  During this autum 2016, I taught the course Legal Risk Management and Intellectual Property Law at Copenhagen Business School. I have also been a STINT Fellow (visiting lecturer) at The Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law, US, fall semester 2017.

I have also written the textbook Grundläggande immaterialrätt in intellectual property law (together with Ulf Maunsbach, Faculty of Law) and the 4th edition is now on the market.


Teaching philosophy

I teach law in different courses and on different levels at Lund University. I see my responsibility as a teacher to empower students to critical thinking, enhance personal growth and development, and develop their understanding of the law. I found flipped classroom techniques often is the best method to reach the learning outcomes, but I vary the teaching techniques depending on the course and students previous knowledge of the law. I think that even in large lectures is essential to invite students to participate in the lecture, for example by interactive presentations. In small settings give better opportunities for design and organization of activities that promote students to be actively involved. I also think it is crucial to providing the students with continuous feedback to enhance learning.




I participate and organize various activities that include external actors, both in education and research. I am also involved in several networks and many of them are also open to other than Academic researchers. I have a broad Nordic network connection in intellectual property law. I am a member of the Nordic Research Network for Intellectual Property Researchers and attends every year the annual meetings held by the network. She organized the annual meeting 2018 at Lund University 3-5 May 2018.

I am the Chair of the organization Föreningen Immaterialrättsligt Forum (FIF) which is an association in the south of Sweden for academics and practitioner with an interest in Intellectual Property. The association arranges seminars and lectures about topical intellectual property issues. I am is responsible for the Copyright Group of the Swedish Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (SFIR). The association arranges seminars and lectures about topical intellectual property issues. 

I am also a member of the non-profit organization Transfer. The aim of the organization is to find people in the working life who want to share their knowledge with youth in Upper Secondary School. I am lecturing intellectual property law, marketing law and how it is to have law as a profession.

I have also been a lecturer in a course that deals with Business Law in a Swedish Context within the Executive Foundation Lund (EFL) integration projects for newly arrived academics. EFL ran this project together with the School of Economics and Management, Lund University, Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn and the southern Swedish business community.

Recent research outputs

Ulf Maunsbach & Ulrika Wennersten, 2018, 4 ed. Malmö: Gleerups Utbildning AB. 268 p.

Research output: Book/ReportBook

Ulrika Wennersten, 2017 Aug 18, Modern affärsrätt: En antologi. Nyström, B., Arvidsson, N. & Flodgren, B. (eds.). 1 ed. Stockholm: Wolters Kluwer, p. 285-318 23 p.

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapter

Ulrika Wennersten & Ulf Maunsbach, 2016, New Big Science in Focus. Rekers, J. V. & Sandell, K. (eds.). Lund University (Media-Tryck), Vol. 8. (Lund Art and Cultural Science; vol. 8).

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapter

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